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Running an online store? We help our clients build out effective automations that generate more revenue over time completely on autopilot. Master Copywriting included.
Price Range: $500-$750

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Abandoned Cart Recovery.

Bringing back lost revenue due to abandoned carts can be as easy as a well written, well timed follow up email.

This particular flow brought our client back 36% of lost revenue. Generating an additional $3,000+ / month.


In additional revenue from lost cart win back.

This automation, once built, runs by itself for the life of your store.

A Reminder Goes a Long Way.

We live in a very distraction abundant era. Sometimes a simple reminder email is all a customer needs to complete their purchase.

10 Part Email Sequence (Done for You)

When it comes to branding, storytelling is powerful. We created a 10 part email sequence to walk their prospective customers through the myfreeloader experience.

This resulted in more sales and greater long-term customer value.

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